Meet Marla – Down Syndrome Parent Influencer & Lifestyle Blogger

Hi my name is Marla and this is my beautiful son Jacob.  We are very grateful for you taking the time to stop by our site to get to know us.

A little about me:

I’m a proud Mom, passionate Down Syndrome Parent Influencer & Lifestyle Blogger, Published Author, Health Advocate, Editor/Publisher of a Special Needs Parenting Magazine, and Social Media Enthusiast.

QUALITIES: personable, fast learner, tech savvy, creative, passionate, love my family.

I am fortunate to be married to my “best friend” and biggest supporter ~ my husband Paul.  We have been married for nine “never a dull moment” years. We are blessed with two wonderful children, my step-daughter Amanda and our beautiful son Jacob.  

Some of the things I like to do:

  • spend time with my family
  • vacationing
  • speak
  • cooking
  • DIY projects
  • organizing
  • event planning
  • crafts
  • photography
  • blogging and writing books
  • get involved with charities
  • PTO
  • I’m a Facebook, Pinterest and big time coffee junkie

Becoming A Stay At Home Mom-preneur!

I worked in the administrative field for several years prior to me becoming a mom.  I loved what I did.  But the day my son was born I realized very quickly that my priority was now to him.  See my son was born with special needs.

As time went on I realized I still loved working, planning, creating and helping others.  But it was unrealistic for me to go back to work, so becoming a mom entrepreneur was the answer for me!  It allowed me the flexibility to care for my son and the ability to continue utilizing my skills and talents as an administrative professional to “provide creative solutions for other professionals business needs!”  I became a virtual assistant and opened Marla Murasko Enterprises.

After opening my virtual assistant business back in 2003, I had the wonderful fortune to work with wonderful clients from:

  • our local United Way
  • marketing professionals
  • a children’s gym
  • a semi-private country club
  • a health and wellness coach
  • a parenting coach
  • mom entrepreneurs
  • and other local small businesses

However, after years of helping others with solutions to promoting their businesses I realized I still wasn’t satisfied.  So over the summer (2012), I made a decision to take a hiatus from my VA business.  I still am working with a few small local clients, but have really switched my focus to special needs.

During my time as a Virtual Assistant I also began a new venture – SpecialMoms Entrepreneur Club.

Finding My Niche!

With my focus primarily on my special needs son and mom entrepreneurs I realized that my attention was targeting a niche market of moms ~ special needs moms!  I soon realized that I enjoyed empowering and supporting other like-minded mothers who’s primary focus was caring for their special needs child, however still had a passion or drive to become their own bosses to become an entrepreneur.

So I began an online community ~ the SPECIALMOMS ENTREPRENEUR CLUB (recently changed to SpecialMoms | A Special Needs Parenting Club)!  Here we empower each other personally and professionally!

Becoming A Down Syndrome Parent Influencer!

In creating this forum to network with other mothers of special needs children, I realized that I loved advocating and blogging about my son.  So I created my son’s blog “Special & Determined”.

I have now found my passion as a Down Syndrome Parent Influencer (a special needs mom blogger) sharing my son’s accomplishments and struggles, sharing our life as a typical family with a little something “special” and celebrating the beauty of Down Syndrome.