“I Am Determined” – A Down Syndrome Awareness Video

October is Down syndrome awareness month and to celebrate, Special & Determined | A Special Needs Mom Blog sponsored a photo exhibit entitled “I AM DETERMINED TO”. This awareness campaign was created to raise awareness for children with Down syndrome and to acknowledge and celebrate their abilities.

All children have dreams and are determined to accomplish them. However, dreams do not have to be so far in the future like being a professional athlete, an actress or a musician. We must not forget that whatever milestone our children reach on a daily basis is reason to celebrate.

The “I AM DETERMINED TO” campaign is about encouraging our children to reach for their dreams and to show the world that we are proud of them for what they “will”accomplish, no matter how big or little the goal.

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I'm a proud Mom, Special Needs Mommy Blogger, passionate Health Activist, Parenting Mentor, Social media enthusiast, mompreneur & author. I am passionate about spreading awareness and acceptance for children with special needs, and to compel others to show compassion for their families who love them I advocate for other causes that are close to my heart. In this blog I give you a window into the beauty of Down Syndrome, celebrate my son's accomplishments and struggles, and share the joys of motherhood and our everyday lives as a typical family with a little something "extra". My son is truly my greatest gift. He has changed my life and has made me a better person. People like my son are making an impact on society one smile at a time!

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