Down Syndrome In The Workplace – Meet Our Seventeenth Entrepreneur With Down Syndrome

Special & Deteremined WDSD - Megan Bomgaars s

It’s time to meet our seventeenth entrepreneur with Down syndrome. Some of you may know our next rising actress, self-advocate, public speaker, artist and entrepreneur from her role in the tv documentary on A&E  “Born This Way”

But Megan Bomgaars has always been in the spotlight and advocating for her rights and others in a video that went viral entitled “Don’t Limit Me”

But she is also a budding entrepreneur. She loves fashion and is aspiring to be an actress. But her hand-dyed clothing line is so amazing. Megology products are created by using a special hand-dye technique. Eco-chic and durable, these unique one-of-a-kind pieces will never be identical.

She travels the world doing public speaking engagements and was invited to the White House to hear President and Mrs. Obama speak about the Reach Higher initiative in this bonus scene from “Up Syndrome.”

 Please follow Meg’s journey by following her at Megoloy.

Please continue following us as we celebrate 21 entrepreneurs who own their own business, have a meaningful job and the companies that are hiring individuals with Down syndrome, as we lead up to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st.

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