Down Syndrome In The Workplace – Meet Our Eighteenth Entrepreneur With Down Syndrome

Special & Deteremined WDSD - Nolan Stilwell s So let’s meet our eighteenth entrepreneur with Down Syndrome and see what Nolan Stilwell is cooking in the kitchen.

Have you heard of Sweet Heat Jam Co? Sweet Heat Jam Co. was founded in 2011 by Nolan Stilwell. Nolan is the creator of Sweet Heat Jams. He is a culinary artist, young entrepreneur, avid gardener and native Texan, who just happens to have Down Syndrome.

These handcrafted all-natural jams are made with a special blend of fresh chili peppers, fruits and a twist of fine-tuned culinary expertise. Most of the fruits and peppers used are Texas grown and the few that aren’t, only wished they could be! Sweet Heat jams are gluten-free, fat-free and so versatile in their use, you will find that these jams will become one of the hardest working jars in your fridge!

Nolan feels his business is a ministry, to help other individuals with disabilities feel valued in the workforce.

Let’s see what his Mom has to say about the business:

Besides finding Nolan’s jams at many fine Texan establishments you can also purchase his jams online at his store.

Be sure to check out the wonderful recipes Nolan has online using his products.

Please continue following us as we celebrate 21 entrepreneurs who own their own business, have a meaningful job and the companies that are hiring individuals with Down syndrome, as we lead up to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st.

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