Down Syndrome In The Workplace – Meet Our Nineteenth Entrepreneur With Down Syndrome

Special & Deteremined WDSD - Troy Drake s


Meet our nineteenth entrepreneur with Down Syndrome – Troy Drake.

Troy is an incredibly talented entrepreneur from Nevada. After his family realized how difficult it was going to be for Troy to find a meaningful job, since unemployment rate for individuals with Down Syndrome is so high, they took a leap of faith and opened up a company that makes wooden inspirational signs, personalized items and other home décor.

Hence the birth of Doodle Duck Design 47. An online Etsy shop of products created by Troy himself.

You need to check out Troy’s shop, he has such wonderful signs. Here are a few examples of some I like:




Please continue following us as we celebrate 21 entrepreneurs who own their own business, have a meaningful job and the companies that are hiring individuals with Down syndrome, as we lead up to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st.

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