The Murasko Christmas Tree Adventure

We headed to our favorite Christmas Tree farm here in IN, Hensler’s Nursery.  It was a beautiful day not to cold but cold enough to feel the holidays were right around the corner.

The place was packed with eager families looking to find the “perfect” Christmas tree.  And all of the children [Read more…]

Frugal Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday by Amanda Faulkner from “It’s A Fabulous Life”

Guest Post by Amanda Faulkner from “It’s A Fabulous Life”

Hello! I’m Amanda from It’s A Fabulous Life! I write all about living a frugal life style, crafts, recipes, decorating on a budget and parenting (You should check out our Mom Challenge – there is a new challenge every Wednesday!).  I am so thankful to be posting here today!

Ready or not the holidays are coming.  What is
supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year can [Read more…]

Apple Picking, Pumpkins, Wagon Ride! Love the Fall!

With the crisp cool air, the magnificent colors that come when the leaves change, the fun with raking the leaves, the pumpkins, wagon rides, apple picking and so much more. This is my favorite season!

Every year we try to do something different when it comes to finding a place to pick our pumpkins, and this year we wanted to incorporate apple picking, so we wanted to go to an orchard where we could go out to the pumpkin patch pick our pumpkins and then pick apples.  We were originally planning to [Read more…]

Jacob’s First Thanksgiving and Meeting Santa

It’s a time to be thankful and we sure have a lot to be thankful for. Our family, our healthy son, and our vacation home. Jacob spent his first Thanksgiving at our vacation home in Eagle Ridge, in Galena, IL  What a beautiful, secluded place in the Midwest. There really is something for everyone there from golf, hiking, fishing, spa, restaurants to shopping. I love going there, it’s such a change of pace from the rush of city life. We have a quaint 2 bedroom townhouse that is perfect for our family.

Today we took a walk on the beautiful beautiful golf course and  enjoyed the nice crispness of this November day.


Jacob loved the walk and being outside so much he fell asleep.  Why wouldn’t he it’s so quiet and peaceful.


Eagle Ridge does such an amazing job creating a real holiday experience for the families.  The activities they had scheduled were so much fun.  Besides the wonderful Thanksgiving Day buffet (which was out of this world), we got to “build a bear” well actually Jacob built a moose.  They had a vey large, real Gingerbread house that you could go in and then it was time to meet Santa.

Santa was arriving by sled to read the children “Twas The Night Before Christmas.”  It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed his arrival.


Then we got to go take pictures with Santa. Jacob got to meet Santa for the first time and he did very well I might add.  No funny pictures with Santa that you would see on Ellen DeGeneres were it looks like the kid is getting tortured by Santa.  Although I can say that it’s not like that every Christmas.  Last year he didn’t want to have anything to do with him, but at least his first time with Santa was an enjoyable experience.



Thankful for beautiful family memories, and looking forward to many more! Happy Holidays!