Birthday Party With A Sea Lion At Coral World

During our Springbreak vacation this year, which always seems to fall right on Jacob’s birthday I thought I would do something special and different for him.  He just had his birthday with his friends the week before, and now it was time to celebrate his real birthday with a different kind of friend a sea lion named Franko.

Birthday Party With A Sea Lion At Coral World

what a ham
We had visited Coral World 7 years earlier when we were on Springbreak in St. John.  We took the ferry over and my stepdaughter and I did the Sea Lion Encounter (we swam with sea lions) totally awesome experience.  I highly recommend you put this on your bucket list.

So I thought since we were staying on St Thomas this year, we could celebrate Jacob’s 9th birthday party here.  All I can say is we had such an amazing experience.  Take a look.

welcome to coral world


coral world2


checking in at coral world


great exhibits
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“Time To Soar Over To A Great 9th Birthday Party”

Jacob's birthday time to soar

I can’t believe my little boy turned 9 this year.  That means next year he will be in the “double digits”. Wow time surely flies from this picture when he was only 6 months old:

big boy gown 1












I wanted this birthday to be very special for him and his friends. He loves to fly and go on vacations, so we decided on a Disney Airplane theme.

welcoming guests
Here’s my little pilot waiting for his guests.

guests received

As the guests arrived he handed them each a passport, which were blank inside. This was great as they received stamps from each destination they visited during the party and a pair of plastic wings, which were arranged nicely in these beautiful orange cardboard euro suitcases, great for decorations from Amazon. He loved his pilot hat, it was a perfect size for him, again purchased on Amazon and very nice quality.

guests arriving
Some of Jacob’s guests arrived, and as you can see one of the airplane themed decorations was the make believe “runway” we created.  I purchased a plastic black tablecloth from the Dollar Tree and laid it over our area rug in the foyer, so as the guests arrived they instantly saw the runway and their pilot.  I also used duck tape to make the striped lines.

coloring station
While the “crew” was awaiting the rest of their “passengers”, I created this coloring station downstairs to keep them busy. I saw these large Disney Planes color pages at Walmart and wasn’t sure how I was going to use them but they came in handy as you can see.

coloring while waiting for guests
Now that all the “passengers” arrived, they were ready to soar off to enjoy Jacob’s party.

let the party begin
We told them that they will be visiting three different destinations – Hawaii, Mexico and Ireland and to hold on to their passports to receive a stamp from every place they visited.

After a quick “conga line” around the basement their first stop was Hawaii.

Hawaii stop

The hat, tiki decoration and leis were all purchased at Party City.

limbo in hawaii

Here in Hawaii, they enjoyed a few rounds of the limbo.

picking a lai


Each received a Hawaiian lei which is a customary greeting in Hawaii.

my silly guy in hawaii

Then they all took a picture with the Hawaiian hat as a keepsake of their visit.  Here is my silly birthday boy.
Then they flew over to Mexico.

welcome to mexico
They each got to take a picture in whatever Mexican hat they wanted, and each got a small maraca and mexican hat to take home from their visit.  All were purchased at Party City.
party fun


Then after some silliness, they flew over to Ireland.

welcome to ireland
























Here they all tested their skills at coin toss.

luck of the Irish coin toss
Everyone seemed to have the luck of the Irish, and enjoyed prizes all purchased from Dollar Tree.
prizes from Irish coin toss


Then we moved on to the pinata.  I purchased this pinata from Walmart and filled it with candy from Sweet Treats.

pinata fun

After all the fun, it was time to move upstairs for the party food.  Here are some pictures of the food table. The table tent cards were designed by  The straws were purchased from Party City.

food table


cloudy skies jello cups


our fabulous flight attendant The guests “In Flight Meals” were served by Jacob’s fabulous flight attendant, his Dad.


Here is a picture at what they were served.  Very simple since it was a late afternoon party.

in flight meals
As I was searching Pinterest for party ideas I stumbled on these cute, biodegradable party trays from Shop Sweet Lulu.  I also purchased the cute light blue and orange polka dotted cupcake liners from there as well.  The cheese was cut with an airplane cookie cutter I purchased from Amazon. Gave them the option of adding that to their sandwich or eating it as is.

Disney Airplane Birthday Cupcakes


The Disney Planes Cupcakes were baked by my friend Shelley from the Imperfect Baker.  The Disney Planes cupcake rings were purchased on Amazon.

fluffy candy clouds


Saw this cute idea on Pinterest, Fluffy Candy Clouds.  They are cotton candy goodie bags. Placed in the orange euro suitcases from Amazon.

airplane birthday themed backdrop

This is a picture of the backdrop of the food table, with the Happy Birthday banner.

Here are some other pictures of the party decor:


I purchased the inflatable airplanes from Amazon, and made the cloud with a paper lantern I got at the Christmas Tree Shoppe and batting from Joann’s Fabrics.

airplane goodie bags

After a fun-filled birthday with his awesome friends, Jacob gave each of his guests a party favor bucket filled with a plastic water bottle and other goodies. The buckets and water bottles were purchased at Party City.

Thank you to an amazing group of kids for making Jacob’s birthday party extra special.

A Superhero Birthday For Our “Superhero!”

My Superhero

It’s amazing that it will be 8 years since I gave birth to this amazing little guy.  It’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs, but he truly is our Superhero!

He shows us everyday how intelligent, funny and loving he really is.  He has filled our hearts with so much joy and love.  As I have said in the past he has such a magnetic personality, you see it with everyone he comes in contact with.
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Jacob’s Pirate Birthday Party – Ahoy Mattey!

This year Jacob wanted to have a pirate birthday.  He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Captain Feather Sword from the Wiggles.  So Mommy delivered.

My birthday pirate
Here is how we celebrated my “Little Man’s” 7th birthday.

birthday table Pirate Garland from Wishworks

For me it started with the decor.  The color scheme of red, black, white and gold were carried out in the decorations, food, games and even the Welcome Wreath that greeted our little pirates.  Red, gold and black beads were spread throughout, as well as available for the kids to wear.  Gold coins were sprinkled around and used for the Welcome Wreath.  I also used a fish net, sea glass and colored gems to decorate the food table.

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Jacob’s 6th Birthday Party

I can’t believe that after all the planning (over a month) my special little guy’s birthday party is over and was a huge success.  Celebrating our little man’s birthday is really a special occasion for our family.  After all that he has been through in his six years, celebrating another year that he has brought us so much joy and love into our lives is so meaningful.  We are the blessed ones.

I wanted to make sure his birthday was fun and special for him and right now he seems to really be able to relate to Caillou.  Since Caillou is a fun adventurous toddler, I thought this would be perfect birthday theme.  When I told him of the plan to have a Caillou birthday he jumped for joy.

So now it was on to the party planning.  As Caillou’s logo captures all the primary colors red, blue and yellow, I went from there.  We also incorporated orange and green into the palette.  Well the first thing I started with was the invitation.  I didn’t want it to be the ordinary invitation I wanted it to say something.  I wanted people to know that we were going to have a fun, adventurous party and I thought by putting Jacob’s picture on the invitation would be a great keepsake for him.  So I went on Etsy and found Peace Love Invites.

I thought this really captured the fun and colors of the party that we were going to have.

Well as everyone knows the entrance to any place sets the tone of the fun that the people will have through the day.  So I wanted it to be big and colorful.

  With the big yellow tissue balls and fabric multi colored banner I thought this was perfect.

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