Air Lite Donut Floor Sitter from Fun and Function Product Review

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Does your child have low tone or issues with fidgeting?  I know my son does, which reeks havoc on him staying on task and getting his work done.

So when I was contacted by the wonderful people at Fun and Function to do a product review for them on the Air Lite Donut Floor Sitter I jumped at the opportunity.  Not only do I love this company, as I have purchased from them in the past, but this looked like such a wonderful product I couldn’t wait to see how my son did with it. [Read more…]

“I Want To Be Just Like My Dad”

How a little boy with Down syndrome emulates his dad shaving his face. Jacob loves being with his Dad  so much he now has his own shaving kit, so he can shave with his Dad in the mornings.

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Song: “A Gentle Touch” by Dan Phillipson

How Assistive Technology Is Being Used For Children With Learning and Developmental Disabilities

In this video Jacob’s speech therapist is using the Ipad with his favorite musical group “The Wiggles” to help Jacob eat new foods.
With Jacob’s low tone and sensory processing issues, he has a hard time trying new foods because of their textures.

Since Jacob loves watching “The Wiggles” on an Ipad we used this to encourage him to try fruits and used the “Fruit Salad” song to have him bite different fruits. She also had him kiss the fruit goodbye to have him put the different textures to his mouth.

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“I Am Determined” – A Down Syndrome Awareness Video

October is Down syndrome awareness month and to celebrate, Special & Determined | A Special Needs Mom Blog sponsored a photo exhibit entitled “I AM DETERMINED TO”. This awareness campaign was created to raise awareness for children with Down syndrome and to acknowledge and celebrate their abilities.

All children have dreams and are determined to accomplish them. However, dreams do not have to be so far in the future like being a professional athlete, an actress or a musician. We must not forget that whatever milestone our children reach on a daily basis is reason to celebrate.

The “I AM DETERMINED TO” campaign is about encouraging our children to reach for their dreams and to show the world that we are proud of them for what they “will”accomplish, no matter how big or little the goal.



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