Shout Out To An Amazing Lady and Her TinySuperHero Capes

Superhero Jacob

Superhero Jacob

I needed to take a moment out of my day to not only give a big “shout out” to an amazing lady – Robyn Rosenberger, but also to say thank you!

Robyn reached out to me and asked if she could send my son Jacob a TinySuperHeroes cape for all his strength and determination, and because of his special powers to fill a room with love. [Read more…]

Basking In The Glow Of Being A Proud Mother

All mothers and fathers should be proud of their children for one reason or another.  When your child is born and you look at them, dreams start going through your mind of what you think your child will be when they grow up – “he will be the next Notre Dame linebacker” or “she will be our next ballerina.”

Sometimes more often than not we put unfair expectations on our children instead of really enjoying them for what “they” can do – not what “you” want them to do.

I know those thoughts went through my husbands’ head, he was all ready for Jacob to be playing division basketball at some great college until he learned of his disability – Down Syndrome.

As I stated in my book “Jacob Journal – My Journey Home”
“I know that what I can tell you is that the most important thing is to believe Believe that this diagnosis is not the end of the road for your dreams, it’s not the end of the world, believe that you can make it through as a family, but most important to believe in your child!   Don’t discredit them for what they might not be able to do, but inspire them and support them on the things they can do.  Don’t be ashamed of them, be proud!  You don’t know what potential your child has, whether your child has special needs or not.  Nurture them and help them find their potential.”

We were so happy to have found a great organization in our hometown Upward it’s a wonderful Christian organization that organizes sports camps for children.  It was not an organization for children with special needs, so we spoke with the organizer/coach and explained that Jacob has Down Syndrome and we really weren’t sure what he can do but if he’s willing to give him a chance we would be grateful. 


He said “yes, they were learning so much from Jacob” and basketball is the second sport that Jacob has participated in with this program.  We love it, the coaches and the fans.  Everyone has been so supportive of Jacob.


This past weekend was a proud moment for us (my husband who is the assistant coach and myself).  The team is really doing well playing as a team and passing the ball to each player.  Well of course no camera in hand at the time when Jacob got passed the ball and scored his first basket (ugh!), but I can relay the emotion I was feeling when I heard the crowd from both sides go wild “screaming yeah Jacob.”  It was such a proud moment for me.  It was truly a moment of acceptance and inclusion for Jacob and I couldn’t have been prouder of him, as he ran back up the court with his hands in the air, and a smile from ear to ear screaming “I did it!”

You can view Jacob’s YouTube station with the updated basketball video

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