About Special & Determined

The eyes are the windows to the soul. If you see what we see, then you see a beautiful, loving, special and determined young boy, with dreams and aspirations much like that of his peers.

He’s special not because of his extra chromosome, but because of his unconditional and selfless love for people. He truly has a magnetic and loving personality, and you can see it shine through his eyes.

He is determined to make our lives and the lives of those he meets better. He teaches us to love and to have faith that all things are possible, but mostly he makes us laugh.

Jacob is making his mark on our community by spreading awareness, teaching that inclusion and acceptance of children with Down Syndrome is “cool”, and as his mother I am determined to give him the voice and platform to do that.

All things are possible when you believe, I learned that the day my son was born!

This blog is to share about our everyday life as a family, while offering support  and encouragement to mothers of children with special needs. I look to share my perspective of why being a mother of child with special needs is truly a blessing!

I’m not going to stand here and tell you that caring for a child with special needs is easy, it’s not.  There are days that I wished I could wake up and start my day all over, but really what parent doesn’t feel like that a time or two.  I can say that as exhausting as it is, it is so much more rewarding.

I am passionate and driven about my cause to raise awareness and acceptance for children with special needs.

I leave you with this “just believe“!  Believe in your child, believe in each other as a family and in the end know that you are doing the best you can!