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Meet the Murasko’s 

We are a fun, loving family of four! Grateful everyday for having each other and the blessings that have been bestowed on us.

 (Marla, Paul, Amanda and Jacob)



My husband and I have been married for ten wonderful years.  We have definitely had our share of worries and struggles, but we as a family have come out on top and are so grateful for what we have – EACH OTHER!

We are your typical family we love to spend time together, love to travel, we love to dance, sing, play games, cook together, clean together and laugh together.

We have been very fortunate to have gone to many different places for family vacations.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Fact #1 #specialanddetermined

Every October families, individuals, organizations, schools and more celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month. A chance for us to spread awareness, advocacy and inclusion for those individuals diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Each day in October, I plan to share with you something specifically related to Down syndrome. I ask that you share with others, and please fill up your social media outlets with positive information about Down syndrome.

Did You Know That Down Syndrome Is The Most Common Genetic Disorder

Source: Mayo Clinic

Holiday Gift Idea For New Parents Of A Child Diagnosed With Down Syndrome

Jacob's Journal - My Journey Home

Jacob’s Journal – My Journey Home

As a first-time “older” mom and someone who went through her trials and tribulations when it came to infertility, I was so happy. I knew that I wanted to keep a “birth journal“, I had read that somewhere.  I wanted to document “our” journey, so that one day I could share it with my son when he got older (this was way before social media!).

I knew that I was a “high risk pregnancy” and that there was more risk for me and for my baby than normal.  That’s why when I learned of my son’s diagnosis when I was four months pregnant, I knew that this journal will also help me  document all the information, medications and tests that he was going to have to endure.  I knew there was going to be a lot of information that I was going to have to digest and it was going to be easier for me to keep it all straight by writing it down. There was also something cathartic about keeping a journal, I was also able to share thoughts and feelings that I was having during all of it.

journal collage

Jacob had his first surgery (Blalock-Taussig shunt) at 16 days old.  I can remember Jacob and mine’s first ride in an ambulance.  The long wait in the waiting room when Jacob had his first surgery.  There was so much happening, so many plans that had to be made, so many feelings that we were feeling, I remember looking at my husband and saying “I think I need to write a book”. Of course he laughed, but I was completely serious. If there was anyway I could help another family out that might go through what we went through to help them better prepare, I wanted to do that.

So I sat down in the hospital chair as my son was hooked up to all these machines ringing loudly in the background and started to write. Soon “Jacob’s Journal – My Journey Home” was created.

This story is unique in the way I wrote it, since I chose to write it as if my son was telling the story. This story will take you on an incredible faith-filled journey as a family enters the world of having a child with special needs.

This book is a recount of what Jacob went through the first 6 months of his young life, and the unique thing is I wrote it as if Jacob was telling the story, because in fact it is his story. I also created a glossary of terms so that families can understand somewhat some of the medical terms that were being thrown at us.

I hope that this book brings some peace to families as they receive that frightening news of their child having Down Syndrome, and to rejoice in their blessing of having a child with special needs.

Here is a testimonial from a customer who purchased the book:

I finished the book and OMG I cried, I laughed, I loved it. I felt like I was right there going through all of it with you and the family.  Jacob is such a little fighter. ~ Doreen Devereaux Wixom

I loved writing this book and I hope that you or someone you love will enjoy reading it.